Interior Design Services

Beautiful Design = Function, Looks, Value Ever been in a home (maybe your own) and felt something just wasn’t right? We believe such feelings tend to be rooted in the idea that interior design is all about looks.But great design isn’t about the furnishings or fixtures or even the style.


Kitchen Renovations

Upgrade Your Kitchen, Upgrade Your Life Why? Simply put, the kitchen is where we spend more time than anywhere else. That’s why open plans are so popular - and why so many people are connecting their kitchens with other spaces like the dining room, TV room, and patio.


Bathroom Renovations

Retreat to the Bathroom The bathroom can be so much more than a place to clean up. It can be a place for unwinding, relaxing, and revitalizing. Which is why we see bathroom renovations taking on a much bigger scope than in the past


Welcome to Sydney total Bathroom & Kitchen Renovation

Our team helps you through the entire kitchen or bathroom design, and renovation process. We are here for you and are always happy to go through the renovation process with you. At Sydney Total Bathroom & Kitchen Renovation, our plumbers are highly trained & we make sure that we give you the best service.

We work with existing bathrooms and can create new bathrooms in your property. Our team is committed to working on your behalf to ensure that your project is ready quickly.

Our Services

We offer a wide range of services to all our customers, some of them include:

» Bathroom Renovation
» Waterproofing
» Kitchen Renovation
» Construction
» Customising

» Design
» Remodellin
» Tile Removal